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The nfphub Finance Forum...
now entering it's sixth year, is a great place to keep up to date with required technical knowledge, develop valuable professional relationships and discuss those hot topics and challenges impacting your work.


Suitable for CFOs, Finance Officers and Accountants working in the not for profit sector in South Australia.


Location: Events are held at the Hackney Hotel (95 Hackney Road, Hackney SA 5069)
Date: Events will commence in August 2017
Membership Includes
4 X Interactive Breakfasts
Engage with others to discuss recent industry developments and share experiences and ideas
1 X Finance Forum Training
A training session that tackles topical finance issues in the nfp sector
Monthly nfp Technical News Emails
Stay informed with technical news, industry updates and everything that's important to finance professionals in the nfp sector

Membership Pricing Information

Existing Members $395                                                     New Members $420                                                   nfpas Clients $395
(before 15 August 2017)                                              (before 15 August 2017)                                                (before 15 August 2017)

Early Bird $325                                                            Early Bird $350                                                               Early Bird $325
(extended to 14 July 2017)                                          (extended to 14 July 2017)                                             (extended to 14 July 2017)



ph: 1300 123 nfp
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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